Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elemental War

You all know my friend, Shag, right? He of Firestorm Fan and Once Upon a Geek, Shag, suggested to run a mini crossover of sorts between Firestorm Fan, and the Power of the Atom - a blog that frequently features Captain Atom, THE Atom, and even Red Tornado on occassion. 

That said, here's some pages from when Red Tornado enters the fray. Images are brought to you courtesy of Shag.


"I have heard a voice in the wind, I have felt a wound upon the Earth! Whoever or whatever thing you be, if you harm the planet you must answer to the Red Tornado!"


Tom Mandrake was really given a chance to shine during this storyline, and he took full advantage of it. Nansi Hoolahan stepped up to the plate and tried to drop some high-class ethereal colors on the art. Unfortunately, limits of technology kept the book from being as amazing as today's coloring would have enabled it to be. Imagine, if you can, Naiad colored with ripples and sea foam patterns. This certainly would have been a different looking book.

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  1. Doug - Thanks so much for participating in this team-up! Red Tornado played such an important role in this story, I simply couldn't cover "The Elemental War" without you!

    Great write-up and very insightful thoughts regarding the coloring!

    The Irredeemable Shag