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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Justice League of America # 192 Part 4

Hey all!

Sorry for the MASSIVE delay, but Walt Disney World was calling the family for spring break, so we broke!

It's time to return to our regularly scheduled re-visit of Red Tornado's adventures in the JLA.

Here's where I just fell in love with Red Tornado, as he sits down to the table and convinces Traya that even he must find sustenance.

 The non-verbal conversation between Kathy, Reddy, and Traya is priceless and just adds to the legend of George Pérez.
Unfortunately for all parties, T. O. Morrow has an override implanted into his creation. So much for a quiet meal. Agian, Pérez's artwork shines masterfully here, with effects and layouts well before their time. The superimposed image of Morrow over Red Tornado's struggling face is pure brilliance.
Once in Morrow's clutches, it becomes quite clear that the Red Tornado may be headed for some trouble.

As I mentioned previously, I was an Aquaman fan from his appearances on Super Friends, and to see his shadowy silhouette climbing out to rescue this character racked me with such excitement for the next issue. Of course that issue did not disappoint in any way.

One last note, I'd like to throw a link out here for you kooky kids to check out. As many of you are aware, Rob Kelly - of Aquaman Shrine fame - used to do a JLA blog as well. Here's the link to his coverage of JLA #192.

I'm going to spend some time sharing my thoughts and memories of JLA #193, but for future Justice League of America (volume 1) I'm going to recommend that you guys all take a few days to soak in the greatness Rob has assembled.