Monday, July 26, 2010

Reddy on Young Justice

My pal, Dan, of It's a Dan's World fame had some splendid coverage of the revelations and announcements from SDCC. One of those updates included this gem of Red Tornado having a chat with the team. Seems like old times:

Sorry, folks, it IS just a screen capture. If you want to check the original (and trust me, you WANT to check the original) click on over to Dan's site

Reddy here looks a little more robotic, kind of like he did in the Young Justice comic series, than he does in comics nowadays. Personally, I'm a fan of Reddy having a more robotic vibe, as he does here, as he did in Primal Force, as he does on Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

I'll share a little bit of what I gleaned from the video clip here. The clip reveals that the League plays an integral part of the new series, and that League is sixteen members deep.

Additionally, Robot 6, one of the member blogs of my homebase of Comic Book Resources, reports that Peter David will be stepping in to craft an episode (I originally typed "issue") of the series.

Young Justice hits the Cartoon Network this November. Get those DVRs tuned up.


  1. Thanks for the plug Doug!

    Red is one of those characters who's perfect for animation... I'm surprised DC's not looked at a manga strip or short with him in a key role. I mean he's an elemental robot - you don't get much more manga than that!

  2. Doug - Can't wait for this new series! I loved the Young Justice comic and Reddy's role in the series.

    Also, I'm glad you mentioned Primal Force. No one seems to give this series any credit nowadays. I liked it! There was potential for that series to be the sleeper/quirky team hit of the 90s!